Private Lessons



    During private lessons, your child will cover the Suzuki repertoire, technique, scales, theory games and many other aspects of musical development. We routinely combine the Suzuki method with the traditional methodology from the French Conservatory. 


  We combine multiple methods in order to give children the best of both worlds, such as developing a great ear, yet also developing proficiency in note reading and song writing. 


    Most importantly, during private lessons a child learns the importance of respect, patience and discipline. These core values are the biggest purpose behind the Suzuki Method and are taught through traditional actions such as taking a bow with their Sensei before and after each lesson.

Recitals / Tuition

Although the core of the program happens during private lessons, there are still several things to be aware of before coming in for your interview:


  • Tuition is collected month to month, meaning you may start or stop at any month. There is no year-long or semester-long commitment

  • Programs start as low as $160 per month and include 4 private lessons, recitals and all events held by the Suzuki Academy

  • Final quotes can be calculated during your initial interview, which can be booked on the "LEARN MORE / REGISTER" tab of this website

  • The Suzuki Method is a family-oriented method. Parents learn with their children and siblings are more than welcome to observe. It is highly encouraged for parents to perform on stage and normalize performance for their children