Sensei Kevin


Violin & Piano Instructor


     Sensei Kevin is the Owner & Director of the Los Angeles Suzuki Academy. He began studying Piano and Violin at the age of 5 in the French Conservatory. Sensei Kevin then moved to America and began the Suzuki method in both Piano and Violin at the age of 7, in which he completed all Suzuki Books in Violin and Piano by the age of 14. He has since then performed in numerous recitals and ensembles as a soloist. 

  Sensei Kevin studied the Suzuki method from a teaching perspective immediately after his completion of both repertoires and began his career as a teacher at the age of 16. He has received his Suzuki certifications from the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) in both of his instruments. After extensive traveling to refine his teaching under reputable Teacher Trainers such as Karen Kimmett and Vickie Paut, he has established himself in Los Angeles. Sensei Kevin also holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration. 

     Through his personal experience as a student and trainings as a teacher in the Violin Program, Sensei Kevin has created his own successful approach to the Suzuki Method in the Piano Repertoire based on the original Violin Repertoire made by Shinichi Suzuki.  Having lived through the Suzuki method as a student and then a teacher has rendered him a Veteran of the Suzuki method and its philosophies. Sensei Kevin teaches students 2 years old to adult, and looks forward to making the Los Angeles Suzuki Academy the most reputable academy in the country.