Sensei Hannah

Piano Instructor


     Sensei Hannah was exposed to music and the founding principles of the Suzuki Method very early in life. Her parents played records, sang, and danced with her as a baby, and as a child she learned to sing by listening to the radio and cassette tapes in the garage. She began to play piano at the age of six and went on to perform successfully in numerous contests and recitals. When she was a teenager, she began to write and perform original compositions and also began her years of study under Lena Nichols, MFA, University of Iowa. Sensei Hannah continued her studies of piano and voice in college where she performed in musicals, jazz ensembles, and even performed at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands while touring in Europe. After graduating with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Theater from Cornell College, she moved to Chicago and then eventually to Los Angeles, continuing to write and perform original compositions. She has performed in venues and festivals across the country and has released two studio albums.

     In recent years, she has earned degrees in Music Theory and Children’s Education to strengthen her skills as a piano teacher. Sensei Hannah recalls with fondness her parents’ presence in her musical journey in those early years and realizes the impact it has had on her success and experience as a musician. She believes that with the love and nurturing support of a parent, a child’s musical journey can be one of endless possibilities, joy, and adventure. With the use of the Suzuki method and her years of experience as a teacher and performer, she looks forward to seeing your child grow and strengthen their musical ability, creativity, character, and self expression.