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Sensei Anna

Piano Instructor

     Anna Solodilova is a Russian-born professional performer and professor with more than ten years of experience in teaching students of all ages. As a pianist she performed locally in Russia during her four years in college and five years in university. Also, she worked as an accompanist for voice performers and choirs at Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities.
     Her professional training began at the age of 4 when her grandmother enrolled her in a Moscow Children’s Art School. Anna’s grandmother supported and helped her study piano during early childhood. As a result, guardian involvement, one of the pillars of the Suzuki method, played a defining role in Anna’s growth as a professional musician and her admiration for the Suzuki Method.
Sensei Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from Moscow Regional College of Arts and a Master’s degree in Music Education from Moscow City Teacher Training University. She was fortunate to study under the guidance of such well-known Russian Piano School figures as Edvard Syomin, Boris Pechersky and Olga Georgievskaya.
     Also receiving her certification to become an ESL teacher, she designed a program that combines music teaching and a second language teaching which she taught to groups of 4-6 year old children. This work was inspired by Shinichi Suzuki’s theories of natural language acquisition and the Suzuki method. Sensei Anna feels that her years of Russian Piano School classical training and experience with Suzuki method can make a difference in her students’ music journey.